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ANY condition that is severe, for which other medical treatments have been ineffective, and if the symptoms “reasonably can be expected to be relieved” by the medical use of Cannabis. For example, if you have an anxiety disorder or chronic pain and doctors believe cannabis could relieve the symptoms, then you could qualify to use medical cannabis.

NOTE: You will need to bring or fax a previous medical record of your condition at the time of your doctor's appointment. This can either be a doctor's note or a medical document acknowledging your condition.

1. We will guide you through the registration process with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) to issue your MMCC ID Number.

2. We will set up an appointment for you to see an MMCC certified physician, from our network, for obtaining your written certification.

3. The certified physician will submit the written certification to the Commission's website.

You will be able to visit any Maryland dispensary and purchase medical cannabis.

Out of state? No problem! As long as you are seen by a certified physician in Maryland, you will have access to all Maryland dispensaries.

Your health information is confidential and we follow strict HIPAA guidelines.


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Serving Counties

  • Allegany County
  • Queen Anne's County
  • Caroline County
  • Baltimore County
  • Prince George's County
  • Carroll County
  • Baltimore
  • St. Mary's County
  • Montgomery County
  • Washington County
  • Garrett County
  • Cecil County
  • Wicomico County
  • Dorchester County
  • Somerset County
  • Worcester County
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Talbot County
  • Harford County
  • Calvert County
  • Frederick County
  • Howard County'
  • Kent County
  • Charles County


  • How long will it take to obtain a written certification?

    After the doctor has examined the patient and the patient`s records, the physician may issue the patient a written certification. You will be able to purchase medical marijuana as soon as you get certified

  • Do I need a patient ID card?

    No. Getting an ID card is optional. You can simply present your government ID card to the dispensaries.

  • How much medical cannabis (dried flower) can a qualifying patient possess at one time?

    No more than 120 grams - or approximately four ounces, unless a physician makes a special determination that a patient needs more.

  • Is there a maximum amount of THC in an extract that a patient can get in a month?

    Yes, 36 grams of THC.

  • Will cannabis oil be considered a type of medical cannabis?

    Yes, if the cannabis oil is produced by a Maryland-licensed processor.

  • How will patient confidentiality be assured?

    Federal law (HIPAA) requires that we ? along with physicians and dispensaries ? protect patient privacy and confidentiality. Our database will meet HIPAA standards and protect patient confidentiality.

  • Can patients cultivate their own cannabis? Can a caregiver cultivate cannabis for patients?

    No, Maryland law will not allow this.

  • Where can I legally travel with medical cannabis?

    A legal patient may travel to any location in the state of Maryland. Maryland cannot authorize you to travel to other states or countries. Possession of cannabis is against federal law. Most states do not recognize legal medical cannabis.

  • My child needs medical cannabis. Can he or she get it legally?

    Children who meet their physician`s criteria for treatment can become legal patients in Maryland. However, children must have a parent or guardian serve as a caregiver.

  • Can veterans get medical cannabis?

    Veterans can obtain medical cannabis in the same way as other patients, but not from the Veterans Affairs health system. Veterans need to make sure that using medical cannabis will not disqualify them from Veterans Affairs health system procedures the

  • What happens if I am stopped by law enforcement?

    Patients do not have to disclose that they possess medical cannabis and do not have to consent to a search. However, if a search is conducted and medical cannabis is found, the patient should direct law enforcement to the MMCC website.

  • I don`t want to smoke cannabis. Will edible medical cannabis products be available in Maryland?

    Medical cannabis will be available in forms which can be vaporized which is not smoking, or as extracts, lotions, ointments, tinctures, etc. Some extracts can be added to foods at home. Edible cannabis products will not be available in dispensaries.

  • Will health insurers cover the cost of medical cannabis?

    Health insurance companies are not required to cover the cost of doctor’s visit. Private health insurers are free under Maryland law to develop policies. However, there are no health insurance companies as of now that will cover the doctor’s visit.
  • Is there a residency requirement to participate in the medical cannabis program?

    Any person who lives in Maryland can participate in the program. A person from out-of-state who is in the state for the purpose of receiving medical care can be issued a written certification and obtain medical cannabis.

  • Will Maryland dispensaries recognize other state medical cannabis ID cards?

    Not at this time.

  • My employer tests for drug use including cannabis. Can they test me if I am a medical cannabis patient? Can they fire me if I use medical cannabis?

    Maryland law does not prevent an employer from testing for use of cannabis (for any reason) or taking action against an employee who tests positive for use of cannabis (for any reason).

  • Does the patient need to be registered before the patient visit in order to obtain a written certification for the patient?

    Yes, the patient must submit an application to MMCC in order to register before a physician can provide a written certification for the patient.

  • When will edibles and/or additional conditions be added to the regulations?

    Edibles and additional medical conditions may be added at a later date, pending enactment of new legislation and regulations.